Touch Panel

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Application in Touch Panel
T/P has a wide range of applications such as ATM, Interface of Ticket Booking, Gaming System, and Industrial T/P computer. Recently more and more mobile devices have adopted T/P screen, such as smart phone, tablet, laptop and etc., and therefore there are many new T/P production processes. ANT provides a variety of drying solutions for T/P production to fulfill the needs of the booming industry.

ANT's current available applications for T/P include :
  • 1. Glass Pre-Bake
  • 2. Glass Post-Bake
  • 3. OC Bake
  • 4. High/Low temp. Drying in Clean Room
  • 5. High Temp. of 600°C Drying
  • 6. IR Drying
  • 7. Cover Lens Drying after printing
  • 8. Low Temp. Water Glue UV Drying
  • 9. Drying of Etching Resist Ink after printing
  • 10. Glass Laminating
  • 11. RtoR Hot-Air/IR Drying
  • 12. RtoR Aging Drying
  • 13. Dip Coating
  • 14 Drying for other process