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Ever since 1948 PCB began its commercial use and therefore became the foundation of all the electronics-related products. Almost all the electronic devices and consumer electronics require PCB, and that is why it occupies the highest share among all the electronic components in the global market.

Most of the production process for the PCB is mature, and aside from supplying the exact drying equipment for each specific process, ANT provides drying solutions for the advanced production process to create a new value with our customers.

ANT's current available applications for PCB include :
  • 1. Inner Roller Coating & Drying
  • 2. Solder Mask Pre-Bake & Post-Bake for automatic drying
  • 3. Solder Mask Low-Pressure Spray Coating & Drying
  • 4. Solder Mask Electrostatic Spray Coating & Drying
  • 5. Drying after Legend Print
  • 6. Oxygen-Free Drying
  • 7. HDI resin Plugging
  • 8. Drying in Clean Room
  • 9. Automatic Stripping for dried film
  • 10. Drying for other process