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耕耘研發/強化品牌價值 Effort on R&D/Elevation of Brand Value

耕耘研發/強化品牌價值 Effort on R&D/Elevation of Brand Value

All of the equipment our customers ordered is made-to-order, and this customization is considered an extension of R&D. For decades we have been devoting ourselves to providing the best drying solutions for our clients, and this helps create enormous amount of technical database. As soon as any client lists up all the requirements of their production process, we can provide a suitable solution as well as high-quality manufacture in a short time. Such service we provide is hard to imitate, and this is what our competitive edge is and what other competitors are unable to do.

We are superior in innovation and differentiated service. To create a superstar drying solution - this is our service purpose and also our brand value.

We provide complete orientation training. We set our own standards to guarantee that each part is precise and professional in order to meet the needs of our clients. ANT brand is superior in:
  • PATENT: We have obtained many patents for our R&D products. In the past years our professional competence has contributed to win a good reputation for ourselves.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: We can make adjustment according to the client's needs; our user-friendly design is one of the reasons why many clients decide to choose our products.
  • Traceability: Every equipment our customers have ever purchased has a complete record from design to site installation. We can check the status of the equipment under manufacture any time we need to. Moreover, we can trace back to the past record to ensure that the quality is good and the process is consistent.
  • REPAIR SERVICE: We check on every step of the production process, and all the products have to pass a strict QC before shipment.
  • AFTER-SALES SERVICE: We provide the most complete after-sales service network among all the other competitors. Our CPE dept. integrates Customer Service Group / Project Management / Engineering in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, providing our service in the most perfect and timely manner after the equipment arrives at the customer's premise.
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