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經營理念 Business Philosophy

經營理念 Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy lies in concentration on specialty, credibility, innovation, and sustainability. By concentration on specialty it means we focus on what we are doing to plant our roots, acting as a leader with the most professional skill and allocating our resource to the most effective part. By credibility it means we are doing business in a down-to-earth way and keep working on self-development. By doing so, we build our good WOM, which makes it possible for us to develop partnership with more and more reliable suppliers and clients. By innovation it means we create a new way of thinking and offer the latest technology with patent in accordance with our clients' needs, making sure we are competitive both in management and products. The concept of sustainability is also our target while working on IPO – cultivation of superior human resources is our ultimate target. We expect a qualified employee to have certain characteristics such as concentrative on specialty, self-developing, pragmatic, innovative, fearless of obstacles, and eager for breakthrough. The above business philosophy has become part of ANT's corporate culture – professional, pragmatic, innovative, superior, all of which deeply rooted in the daily behavior of each ANT's staff. Aside from business success, this also plays on the top executives' heart strings.
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