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創業軌跡 Tracing Back to the Business Startup

創業軌跡 Tracing Back to the Business Startup

n 2000 while starting a business, ANT, with NTD5 million as its capital, prepared itself to challenge and aimed to come out on top in the drying technology field. Same as many entrepreneurs, ANT encountered some problems with finance and management as its business was booming. In this situation our operating team never stopped learning so as to grow with the company. The team not only successfully helped ANT get on track, but also planned to expand the plant in Guishan Industrial Park. After persuading the board of directors it started to put into practice in 2006. It took NTD120 million and 2 years to carry out the project, and in 2008 the new plant was finished. Thanks to it the production capacity was increasing threefold, and therefore ANT has reached a new landmark milestone.
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